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    Since 1948, CM Idiomas has been offering translation services in a vast range of areas including the social sciences and exact sciences, legal proceedings, politics and diplomacy, culture and the arts, medicine and pharmaceuticals, literature and marketing, to name a few examples.

    Offering these services involves a range of translation processes. CM Idiomas puts its cutting-edge technology and over 75 years of experience at your disposal to help you find the ideal solution to meet your communication needs.

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Regardless of the topic, any text can be expressed in writing in one or more languages other than the one in which it was initially written. At CM Idiomas, we seek to find the perfect balance between fidelity to the original version and the naturalness and fluency of the translated version. In order to ensure that the tone, intent and nuance are not lost in translation, at CM Idiomas we assign native translators and proofreaders in both the source and target languages for each project Additionally, when the complexity or level of specialization of the original text warrants it, we seek the expertise of a consultant on the subject.

The type of document and its purpose determines whether the translation you need is a traditional translation or one endorsed by a translator certified by a competent body. In general terms, any legal document intended for an official public entity (courts, government offices, embassies, civil or commercial registries) must be translated, dated, signed and sealed by a certified translator.

Automatic translation consists of using Artificial Intelligence to translate a text from one language to another, without human intervention, satisfying the requirements of immediacy and economy. There are different AI tools to achieve this, and the nature and intended purpose of the text serve to determine if it is worth using them and which one is suitable in each particular case.

With the advent of new technologies in the field of linguistics, a new language service known as machine translation post-editing (MTPE) has emerged. This service combines the speed of AI-assisted machine translation with the natural touch and semantic nuances in the target language of a native translator, helping your company or organization save time and resources.

Transcreation is a linguistic service in which the translator has the freedom to move away from the original text and change, adapt or create a new text to convey the same ideas and emotional impact in the target language. This technique combines writing with translation and is mainly used in high-visibility marketing campaigns. At CM Idiomas we can help you find the exact term, slogan or message you are looking for to connect with your target audience.

Localization goes beyond the mere translation of a text from one language to another. This technique is responsible for the adaptation of a text, product or service so that it encompasses all the linguistic, technical, contextual and cultural characteristics in a specific local market or community of recipients (locale). If you want to enter international markets on the right foot and deal with the challenges of cultural diversity, you can count on our linguists specialized in localization.

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