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    Since 1948, CM Idiomas has been offering interpretation services in a vast range of areas including the social sciences and exact sciences, legal proceedings, politics and diplomacy, culture and the arts, medicine and pharmaceutical, marketing and motivation, to name a few examples.

    Offering these services requires different interpretation modalities. CM Idiomas puts its cutting-edge technology and over 75 years of experience at your disposal to help you find the ideal solution to meet your communication needs.

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From a booth (either in person at the event venue, or virtually from a remote interpretation platform), interpreters listen to the speaker's message in one language and simultaneously translate it orally into another, so that all attendees can understand it. This is the fastest, the most technical and mentally demanding mode of interpretation, and it is the preferred interpretation service for international diplomatic organizations such as the United Nations and the European Parliament. As pioneers in simultaneous interpretation worldwide, at CM Idiomas we have 75 years of experience in diplomatic summits, international conferences and corporate events.

Together (in person or virtually), speaker and interpreter speak alternately. Using a code designed specifically for consecutive interpretation, the interpreter takes notes and, when the speaker finishes an idea and pauses, conveys the message orally in another language. This mode of interpretation requires more time than simultaneous interpretation, and is usually used for short speeches or press conferences. It is not recommended for long events or where more than two languages are involved.

The interpreter sits or stands next to the client to quietly translate what is being said in the meeting. Also known by the French name chuchotage, this type of interpretation is ideal for events or meetings in which one or two people do not understand the main language of the session.

The interpreter accompanies the client during a diplomatic visit or a corporate trip in a foreign country and, using their cultural and linguistic knowledge, serves as a liaison to facilitate verbal communication in meetings, interviews and other situations.

The ancient art of interpretation has evolved over the centuries into a highly technical profession with a great future. Recent technological advances in large language models (LLM), natural language processing (NLP), and speech-to-text (S2T) recognition techniques have opened the door to multiple innovative possibilities in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied to linguistics. Although there are situations in which AI can be used to convey an oral message into another language (in audio or writing), there are few in which machines can completely replace a person.

Over time, CM Idiomas has adapted to the way people communicate and today, when much of the communication takes place virtually, we offer our interpretation services for all types of meetings in the cloud – from webinars and masterclasses to video conferences and interactive workshops. Physical presence is no longer a requirement to successfully carry out a multilingual event.

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