• Are all your speakers going to be in the same place?

    Will everyone participate from their home or office?

    Will some attend the event venue and others work from their own desk?

    Different geographical locations and languages are no longer a barrier to be overcome so that two or more people can meet and start a conversation. Regardless of where your event speakers are located and what languages they communicate in, CM Idiomas has a solution for you.

    Our services can be implemented in any of these settings:

Although all participants are interacting in person in the same place, interpreters can work from anywhere in the world. The geographical location and the cost of travel, lodging and food for the linguistic personnel are no longer an obstacle when choosing the ideal professional for a specific event: CM Idiomas draws on a wide network of professionals from around the world to assign the right person to your event, according to their language combination and field of expertise.

All participants will work remotely from their homes or offices, using their own devices.

Some participants will attend the event in person, and others online from their respective locations.

Participants will visit different places and need an interpreter to accompany them to help them with multilingual communication.

CM Idiomas has the equipment and platforms necessary to provide its services regardless of the setting. Our cutting-edge technology and over 75 years of experience are at your disposal to help you find the ideal solution to meet your communication needs.

Do you want us to cross the language barrier with you?

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