• Do you need audiovisual equipment, simultaneous interpretation equipment or a cloud-based platform to convey your message in one or more languages?

    At CM Idiomas we have the best audiovisual equipment for your in-person, online or hybrid meetings, and a wide range of platforms for multilingual video conferencing to make your event a success. CM Idiomas puts its cutting-edge technology and over 75 years of experience at your disposal to help you find the ideal solution to meet your communication needs.

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If your event is in-person or hybrid, you will undoubtedly need microphones, speakers, screens and cameras. If your event is hybrid or online, you will need to ensure that the audio of those participating remotely is clear and of good quality. CM Idiomas offers you a wide range of options to ensure your message reaches all recipients.

CM Idiomas offers digital infrared simultaneous interpretation equipment. The main features of this equipment include:

  • Fully wireless receivers
  • It works with infrared light, which prevents all types of interference.
  • The signal cannot be intercepted outside the session room, ensuring confidentiality.
  • Comprises two pieces (receiver and headphone).
  • It has a digital channel selector and screen that indicates the language.

CM Idiomas offers radio frequency simultaneous interpretation equipment. The main features of this equipment include:

  • Fully wireless receivers.
  • It works using FM radio waves.
  • The signal can be picked up outside the session room.
  • Comprises two pieces (receiver and headphone).

Portable interpretation equipment is extremely flexible, allowing simultaneous interpretation without the need for an interpretation booth. Interpreters listen directly to the speaker and interpret using a transmitting microphone, and listeners hear the message in the language of their choice through radio frequency receivers. This system is ideal for itinerant events (when participants do not stay in the same place) and for short meetings with few attendees.

Nowadays, technology allows interpretation users to use their own electronic devices (smartphones or tablets) without the need for simultaneous interpretation receivers. The interpreter's voice is transmitted over the Internet and participants select the channel with the language of their choice, either in a previously downloaded app or directly in their browser.

The latest advances in technology have transformed the way we communicate. There are more and more videoconferencing platforms and they increasingly offer the possibility to include simultaneous interpretation. Each of them has its own features, some visible to users (waiting room, virtual backgrounds, polls, differentiated chat windows, etc.) while others are hidden and facilitate the work of the interpreters (virtual booths to listen to other interpreters, communication systems between booth mates, collaborative work, live assistance from a technician, microphone handover, etc.).

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