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    Regardless of the characteristics of your event and the setting (in-person, online, hybrid or itinerant), CM Idiomas is your strategic ally. We can support you from the initial preparation stage through to completion, providing logistics personnel, language services and audiovisual equipment. Let us work behind the scenes so you can focus on what's really important: your content.

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At CM Idiomas we have 75 years of experience working in the highest spheres of diplomacy. We have provided linguistic and logistical services to international organizations and national governments, at meetings of heads of state and government, diplomatic summits and ministerial meetings.

Are you thinking about organizing an international conference with multiple experts from different countries who will present their presentations in various languages? Do you want to ensure that all participants can express themselves in their native language and that no attendee misses a single idea of the program? CM languages can help you with the highest quality services for in-person, online or hybrid events.

Is it time to organize an in-person, online or hybrid global event for your company or organization? Do you want each speaker to be able to communicate their experience and business objectives in the language they are most comfortable with? Do you want to host an expert panel and Q&A session on which all participants and attendees can express themselves fluently in their own language? Do you want your team to listen to the content of the event in their own language, increasing retention and enabling them to make the most of the information they are receiving?

Do you need to organize a press conference for a cultural, political, business or sports event? Would you like all participants, guests and accredited journalists to be able to express themselves in their mother tongue? Are you looking for a press conference that flows in real time with no loss of meaning or context? CM languages can help you with the highest quality services for in-person, online or hybrid events.

Are you thinking about organizing a workshop with the different departments of your company to deepen the knowledge of the market and encourage teamwork? Do you want to invite speakers specialized in different sectors and potential clients to generate synergies based on an agenda with interactive panels? CM Idiomas can help you achieve full interaction so that everyone expresses themselves in the language in which they feel most comfortable, regardless of whether their participation is in person or online.

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