• Since 1948, CM Idiomas has been offering a wide range of language-related services. We put over 75 years of experience at your disposal to help you find the ideal solution to meet your language and communication needs.

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Do you need to write texts to describe the range of products and services offered by your organization, corporate manuals and contracts, or content for your company’s new website? Do you need to write a report or give a speech and aren't sure where to start? At CM Idiomas we have expert writers who will help you plan ahead to identify your objective and your readers or users. With you, we will find the right tone and approach to express your ideas and concepts clearly, eloquently, and persuasively.

Do you already have a speech, a piece of research or a report ready but you want to make sure you've expressed your ideas clearly and correctly? Does your organization already have the content it needs but you aren't sure whether it is coherent or clear enough? Do you already have translations in the languages you require, but need to copy edit them? Are you worried about the grammar, spelling or stylistic consistency of the final version of a document? At CM Idiomas, we have the expert copyeditors you need to give you peace of mind, guaranteeing that your text is ready to be presented or published, both online or in print.

Do you want to learn a second language or improve your command in a language you already know? CM Idiomas uses the communicative approach for its language courses. Although we emphasize the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), we adapt the curriculum to the specific needs of each student or group of students. Our teachers are fluent in the language they teach and receive ongoing training. Classes can be in person, in our clients' offices or homes, or online.

Do you want to ensure that your remote interpreters work in a space that complies with ISO/PAS 24019 remote interpreting standards, or are you an interpreter and want to ensure the ideal remote working conditions? CM Idiomas has two remote interpretation studios in Mexico City and access to a network of RSI hubs worldwide with the following characteristics:

  • Booths for one, two or three interpreters
  • Hybrid booths (can be used with traditional simultaneous interpretation equipment, or with the necessary computer equipment)
  • IT equipment, AV and recording with the necessary requirements to work on any platform
  • Audio technicians and on-site systems
  • Licenses for the leading remote interpretation platforms

Are you organizing an event and need logistical support? CM Idiomas has extensive experience in this field: from small panels and round tables to high-impact international conferences, such as the World Petroleum Conference or the United Nations Global Forum on Reinventing Government. Leave us the tasks required by the secretariat of an international conference, such as coordinating with the speaker(s), national and international transport services, lodging, food, hiring of venues, logistical support, social events, etc.

Do you want to increase the visibility of your online activities? At CM Idiomas we can take care of the production and post-production of your virtual event: from registration, the design of transition images and name cards to the selection of music and the final editing, including the operation, the management of votes and polling systems, broadcast in social media, etc.

Do you want us to cross the language barrier with you?

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